Dress Up Your Toilet Paper With Dyi Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

There is one thing we all have in our bathroom that is dull and unattractive. That one item is also the one thing we always like to keep handy in case we run out. That is toilet paper, you can find toilet paper with different designs. However, all toilet paper tends to be the same bland old white. Many for hygiene purposes.

There are many different toilet paper holders on the market, but many are bulky. So, they can get in the way and take up the room you don’t have. You can utilize the space that is already being taken up, while still being able to have the extra toilet paper you may need. With this holder, you can keep two more rolls right at hand for when you need them.

This ties to your existing toilet paper roll and covers the spare rolls until needed keeping them clean and ready to use. You can use your choice of a pattern of the fabric, so you can add your personal flair as well.

First, you will measure out the size of the toilet paper roll you use. Everyone’s brand is different, so measure what you typically use. You will measure the circumference and write down. Then you will take that number and multiply it by two, then add another 6 inches. Next, you must measure the width of your roll while laying down. Then add two inches to that measurement. Then you need to cut two pieces of material with those measurements.

If you decide to use a thicker material you are good, but if you are using a thinner material it is suggested you use interfacing to make it stiffer. Iron to the wrong side of the fabric. Next, you will sew the two pieces of material together you cut. Sew around the edges leaving one end open, leaving a ½ inch edge all the way around. Sew with the outside of the material facing in. Snip off the corners without cutting on or inside the stitching.

Cutting through the threads would not be a good thing. Then turn the tube of material right side out by pulling the closed side through the open end. Then iron flat for a smooth clean looking result. Next cut two strips of same fabric that are 26 in long by 1 in wide. Fold them lengthwise and iron until flat. Then open and fold in raw edges, meeting raw edges up with fold crease and iron again.

Then sew shut close to the edge, then repeat with the other strip of material. Then you will fold your rectangle piece you already sewed in half good side out. Lift up the end, take the two strips you made and fold them in half. Place the folded end of each on the inside edge of the rectangle piece of cloth, one on each side. Secure in place with pin approximately ½ in down and ¼ in from the edge. Then sew the top edge of the fabric shut leaving you with a finished end with two ties. Then halfway down on your rectangle piece, sew two lines straight across.

That way giving you two storage spots for two rolls of toilet paper. At the end of each of the ties make a knot. To give a finished look and to prevent fraying. Then tie holder to current toilet paper holder via the ties and add your rolls.

Cloth Toilet DYI Toilet Paper Holder

Cloth Toilet DYI Toilet Paper Holder

Cloth toilet paper roll holder, DYI instructions. Two roll tie on holder, step by step guide. Extra toilet paper storage.

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