Woman Gives Her Cluttered Bedroom A Diy Makeover On A Budget With 4 Plain Shelving Units

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If you want to come up with something practical while indulging your creative nature, get ready to get your hands dirty.

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Bedroom Furniture DIY: Prepare the IKEA products

One of the biggest challenges of every homeowner is keeping every

room in the house clutter-free. It takes a great deal of time and effort to keep things in place and to make the whole room spick and span, but everything easily gets back to ruin in just a snap.

Probably the best thing to do to keep your room organized is to take the time to invest in good bedroom furniture and storage spaces or take the time to actually make your own one! It might sound overwhelming and hard, but trust, it’s not rocket science and it’s not as difficult as you think. Take this really nifty woman, Chelsea, for example.She was able to de-clutter her room by doing her own DIY makeover for just a fraction of the cost.

At first, her room was filled with mismatched furniture and obviously lacks the proper storage with all her things scattered here and there. That’s why she took the time to turn her room into a much tidier haven by building a raised platform using IKEA shelving units.

Plus, she also got a dog bed underneath. She has successfully come up with all these at a price on a budget. After her DIY masterpieces were arranged, she was happy to see all of her belongings hidden away in the most organized sense. This is surely something that can inspire all creative folks out there.

Check out how Chelsea did it with the steps below. If you have other design ideas in mind, feel free to integrate them too.

The following are the IKEA products you need to ready for your bedroom furniture:
• 2 Kallax 8box Unit – $75 each
• 2 Kallax 4box Unit – $40 each
• 1 Lill Net Curtains – $5.99 each
• 2 Ekby Stodis Brackets – $2.50 each

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