Woman Dips A Towel In A Bucket Of Concrete – Watch What Happens When She Flips It Over

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So home decor trends 2016 is a thing in my home, the cement mixture is testament to what we followed back then. Anyway if you notice the mixture I made is nice and soup-ish without being thin and runny.

home decor trends 2016 saw the rise of cement garden pots.

Who doesn’t love unique garden items? I remember visiting a

home depot  for some water garden supplies and stumbled upon these beautiful garden planters and pots section in aisle 5. They looked like huge leaves of lettuce, except they were made of concrete.

If you want to be a little extra, you can spray paint your new cement inspired garden planters and pots with iridescent colors to match your flowers!

So I asked the rep in the garden center how and where did they get them, since I have never seen them before and I have been to the store like a hundred times. Apparently, there is a place called world home market home decor somewhere in Barbados, and they showed them how to make these crazy pots using just cement and old towels. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out, gardening coupled with simple country home decor is a crazy world! So let us not waste any time, let me show you how to make these beautiful additions to your own space and wow your guests at the next garden event that you host and in my next blog I will tell you how to arrange your garden pots to maximize the effect!Two old large/medium sized towels

A bag of cement
Miracle Grow
3 five gallon sized buckets

Now, let’s begin the madness. You want to do this outside by the way and wear some gloves. Add enough water to one of the buckets and pour in the cement mixture (awesome home ideas). Make sure the combination has a nice runny texture but not too thin. Then dip the towels one by one into the mix and saturate them thoroughly. This is decorating home ideas on a budget 101;

you want your towels to have a thickish coating on it because these will dry and you want it to be strong enough to hold your plants safely. Next, drape the cement towels over the buckets so that it’s nicely hung like a tablecloth. The ends must stretch out carefully so you won’t have any clumping. Allow the towels to dry for at least 48 hours and then flip them over when you do that drill a couple of holes in the base. You can paint them as well; I chose some bright colors to complement my garden flowers. So fill them up with your miracle-gro and start planting!

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