With Just A Few Dollar Store Picture Frames, She Makes A Great Centerpiece Called A Hurricane Lantern

To start smart home ideas project of making a diy lantern, the first thing that you will need is picture frames. You can easily find them for a dollar or two from your nearest dollar store.

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Growing up I always enjoyed designing and building houses. Every summer my family would go to beach

and instead of swimming or surfing like my siblings, I would make dream house and castles of sand.My interest didn’t stop at making houses out of sand. When it was time for me to choose my degree program, I decided to go with architecture. Looking at my passion and potential, my parents supported my decision and were proud of me. I was good at my work which is why I didn’t have any problem finding the right job.

I worked hard for the day when I can actually work on new home ideas and design my own house. Luckily it didn’t not take me long enough to finally be able to be an architect of my own house. Now while my house was under construction, I would think of different awesome home ideas that I could be part of the interior of the house. However, soon I realized that it was hard to convey my custom home ideas to the interior designing company of the house. This is when I decided that I will be in charge of the interior designing of my house. At first, I found myself to be overwhelmed by this decision. I had second thoughts if I would be able to get through this decision or not. However, I took leap of faith and decided to stick to this decision that I had made. I started doing my research on decorating home ideas. I wanted to be fully prepared before I actually start to pull through this decision. I was surprised to find plenty of diy home ideas on internet; most of them were decorating home ideas.It was not possible to work on the interior designing of the house with my 9 to 5 job so I would do one thing at a time and it actually worked in my favor. The thing about the diy home ideas or home decorating ideas is that you cannot rush them. If you want to have best results then you need to make sure that you do one thing at a time. This really helped me in the long run and I was able to get my desired results. So far there are plenty of crafty home ideas that I have worked on, not only for my own house but also as paid projects for other people. Recently I saw an online a lantern used as center piece in a friend’s house. I decided to make it for my house with a twist of my own. I started a diy home ideas project of making a lantern for my house.

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